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property infomartion

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Riga, Darzciems


    Southern Gateway is an A-class industrial park currently at the design stage. It will house multifunctional warehouse, office, trading and production spaces with highly developed infrastructure on a four-hectare site.

    Premises that can be adjusted to the specific business needs of the tenants are available in sizes from 200 to 5000 m2.

    The buildings will meet the requirements for energy efficiency and will be equipped with all modern engineering communication and telecommunication systems. The project is already being executed and the park is expected to open at the end of 2019; lease agreements are already being signed.

    The Southern Gateway industrial park is located in the quarter between Piedrujas Street, Darzciema Street and Rezeknes Street opposite to the supermarket, close to the Southern Bridge (Dienvidu tilts) in Riga. The convenient location of the industrial park makes it easily accessible from all parts of the city.

    The rent is:
    - retail premices  10 EUR/sqm -
    - offices 9 EUR
    - warehouse/production  5 EUR/sqm -