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Riga, centre

    - office building at 14 Terbatas street, Riga, centre
    - GLA   3037 sqm, GBA 3991 sqm
    - landplot 907 sqm
    - at 2005 made full rennovation
    - price 5.75 mln EUR

                  History excurse.         
    The building was built as the Riga merchants Mutual Credit. Jugenstil buildings upright manner created architectural decoration executed high-value materials. The facade is covered with gray and black granite imported from Finland and Sweden. Part of the ornamental reliefs were originally golden. Stairway windows painter and glass artist Karlis Brencens created stained glass, symbolizing education, transport, trade, maritime and other topics. Between the first and second floor of the Latvian national awakening movement of the actuator, economist and publicist Krisjana Valdemara portrait. Bank safe space, which is located on the second floor, the door is decorated with jugenstil lettering crisp created authentic inscription "steel room."